Friday, April 29, 2011

want to design project life? i sure do.

I just adore Becky Higgins, from her style to ideas to her interesting posts from finds from stores around where she lives or her decorating ideas, the woman is genius in everything she thinks up. I'm in awe :) A friend of mine showed me her sketches book for scrapbooking and that's where I fell in love with her style. I follow her blog and of course "like" her on Facebook.

Her recent post titled "Want to design Project Life?" stopped me in my tracks. Me, being a graphic designer, instantly had these thoughts of MY designs hitting people's homes and having them be in awe with something little ol' me designed :) Okay, I dream big, but I'm thrilled to be working on my design for Project Life. And let me just say, I am beyond excited about my design and I really think I have a shot!

Check out her blog post about it and wish me luck!!! FINGERS CROSSED. I'm putting the finishing touches on it hopefully today because I have to submit it by May 4th. This is my first step into getting my designs out there to the crafting community :)

I submitted my design concept this afternoon to Becky Higgins, so I'm crossing my fingers super, duper tight!!!! Obviously, I can't post anything, but I will say that I used a lot of fresh color combos that I'm just loving and it's not as girly as some of her other designs, so I hope that's a good thing!!! I know I love it and even if I don't get to be the designer, I'm going to possibly sell the digi images so other people can use them! That's how much I adore it :)


Aliza said...

Wow Roxanne! Good luck!

organizedchaos said...

Thank you, Aliza!!! I am seriously in L.O.V.E. with my concept, so I hope she will be too!!

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