Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Friendship & Flowers

I've got a cute little card that would be great for sending to a friend just because! It would brighten up her day I'm sure.

I have a tutorial showing you the steps I used for coloring, with my Spectrum Noirs, this little girl image which is from Sheena A Little Bit Skethy-Busy Doing Nothing. Please see below and I hope it helps you with any shading questions you might have. Once you get it down pat, it's super easy. Just takes a little time to color, but I do LOVE to color...

The sentiment is from the newest Crafter's Companion release called Everyday Sentimentals which are available on November 22nd. You will definitely want these!!!! Trust me :)

So, let's get on with it!

#1 - Start with coloring her face. I used FS2 for the full coloring of it all. It lays down a nice light base.

#2 - I went in and added some simple shading under the sleeve, elbow, hairline, eyes, wrist and fingers with FS3. I went in with just a touch of FS6 for a few spots. 

#3 - I colored the "sky" in with BT1 and you can see it's not fully even like a sky with clouds would be. I then color all over with the blender to smooth out any marker lines.

#4 - I colored the center of the flower with GB5. And I flicked on the yellow for the petals with CT1 and went back around the center of the flower to add darker highlights in CT3. The ground was colored in with DG2 and I went in with darker areas with DG3. 

#5 - I colored her dress using PL1. I wanted to show you the difference between the dress without and with shading from #5 to #6. You can clearly see how much detail the shading adds in the next photo!! For the hair, I used an all over color of EB1 and went in with some darker areas in EB2. I used the palette blending method (see THIS video on YouTube for instructions) to add in the darker areas you see with TN7. I use this method allllll the time. Seriously will change your coloring!

#6 - I went in with the palette blending method again using PL2 to pick up PL4 and added in the dress areas. You can see the difference, right? You just want to add in some shadows in her dress where fabric would normally look darker; folds, neckline, by the bow.

#7 - I chose to color her bow in grey using BG2. 

#8 - Again, with the palette blending method, I picked up BG8 with my BG4 marker to add in the bow shadows. 

And here's another shot of the finished card. I hope my stepped out photos helped you with seeing a coloring project from start to finish. Thanks for stopping by!

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Denise said...

Your coloring is beautiful! She looks like she is straight out of a magazine, it's so good. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Roxanne.

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