Monday, May 14, 2012

Mini Coaster Album for Adelaide

I was busy, busy at the crop Saturday at Archiver's. This was my main goal to get done-a mini album for a family friend's photos I took of her daughter, Adelaide. There was a whole heart theme here which is purposeful. Adelaide was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and received a heart transplant at, I believe, 7 weeks old.

Well, these were photos of her that I had taken at 6 MONTHS back in March! Look at what a beautiful little miracle she's grown up to be. I love this little girl. Her smile. Her spirit. Her demeanor. All she's been through in her short time here and she has no idea. :)

I dropped this album off to her mom today since I HAD to make sure she had this ON Mother's Day. I hope it made her smile. I smiled the entire time I was making this. I hope you do as you look at these!


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Susan said...

So. so precious.

{Chrissie} said...


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